With an eye on the future, India has recognized the value of Liquefied Natural Gas and has steadily increased its LNG imports since 2011. According to data released by the oil ministry, the LNG imports of India have jumped 68% in Feb 2020 compared to last year. With the rapid urbanization and increase in consumption, India currently stands as the 4 th largest importer of Liquefied Natural Gas in the world. With this increase, there has also been an increase in the demand for a more robust pipeline network.

This exponential increase in the sector has given rise to a number of job opportunities in the sector. This demand for skilled workers and employees in the sector has given birth to a number of agencies which specialize in the LNG recruitment sector. These agencies search for the best talents from different corners of the country and provide them cushy job opportunities.

However, among sea of LNG recruitment agencies, only few have been able to establish themselves as top contenders in the field of LNG recruitment. As this field requires specialized knowledge and expertise, not many agencies can fulfil the demands of the clients.

With its vast experience and team of experts Aarvi is the only LNG recruitment agency in India which has been associated with all 4 LNG Terminals, right from Shell Hazira LNG, Petronet LNG, Dabhol LNG and GSPC LNG. With its extensive experience in providing workforce solutions to the energy market, Aarvi Encon has developed a strong team capable of delivering world-class quality for Project Monitoring and Construction Supervision Jobs. We have been associated with Whessoe, CINDA, Petronet, Konana LNG, GSPC LNG and Hazira LNG.

Our LNG staffing solutions support clients from the beginning of the recruitment and selection process, through to the end of their assignment and beyond. Our global reach and vast experience in supplying talent to major clients has allowed us to become an integral partner of our clients’ projects and a leading LNG recruitment agency of the country.

Why use our LNG Staffing Solutions? 

Our LNG Staffing services deliver the right talent capable to deliver world-class projects.

  • Assured availability of manpower– Our LNG staffing services ensure that your manpower requirements are met throughout the project. Our vast database of resumes and an experienced recruitment team makes sure that you are never under staffed.
  • Cost control – As a leading LNG recruitment agency of the country, Aarvi Encon helps you hire the best talent which helps you deliver the project in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Assure quality and save time – Our LNG staffing services provide only the best manpower with the required specialization so that the quality of work is assured and there are no delays and project runs on schedule while simultaneously minimizing losses and quality issues.

Besides regular construction / Inspection engineers in various fields, our LNG staffing solutions help you find the specialists for the following positions:

  • Cryogenic Tankage Engineers

  • Low temperature Welding Engineers

  • Dredging engineers

  • DCS Engineers